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Donate Your Rare Coins and Collectibles

Do something kind for yourself, and make a difference for your community, by donating your collectibles to the nonprofit or charity of your choice.

Why Donate Your Rare Coins or Collectibles

Our staff are experts in numismatic rare coins and paper currency. We sell your donated items for top dollar, which guarantees the greatest return for your nonprofit organization.

By donating your collection, we can also remove the pressure of having to sell your items yourself. Save yourself the headache of trying to make sure you get a fair price for your material.

We offer complete transparency for all stages of the donation process.

Our donation specialists are based across the country, and they travel around the United States constantly, appraising and processing rare coin collections for donation. They are available to come to you.

We have created a sample list of charities from which you can choose. If you have a specific organization you would like to support, or if you are donating as part of a collectible fundraiser, simply provide the contact information for your organization with your donation form.

What Can I Donate?

Collectible Donation Service regularly works with US and world rare coins of all types, as well as US paper currency. We accept all of the following for donation:

  • US rare coins
  • World coins of all types
  • US paper currency
  • Fine wristwatches and pocket watches
  • Rare comic books (pre-1975)
  • Rare stamp collections
  • Sports trading cards and memorabilia
  • Rare books and manuscripts
  • Fine art - paintings, sculptures, etc.
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Support a cause you believe in - donate your collectibles today!

Donate Your Collection Today!

Send us a list of your coins and other collectibles, or just let us know you are interested in donating!

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