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Liberty $20 US gold coin Classic comic books

Expand Your Non-Profit's Fundraising Efforts

Collectible Donation Service makes it simple for your organization to accept donations of rare US and world coins, US paper currency, stamps, comics, sports cards, fine art and other collectibles.

CDS can have staff on hand to assist with larger donation drives, or to personally pick up collectible donations from your members. Instructional material is also available for your fundraiser organizers and volunteers. Our donation specialists are always available via phone or email should your donors or volunteers have questions.

If you would like to discuss adding collectible donations to your next fundraising drive, or if you have any questions about the fundraising process, please call us at (209) 3-DONATE (209-336-6283), or contact us.


Nonprofits of All Types & Sizes

  • Religious Organizations
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Mosques
  • Medical Charities
  • Homeless Support
  • Environmental Groups

Expand your fundraising efforts with CDS! We make it simple to accept donations of rare coins and other collectibles to support your organization.