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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about our donation process and fundraising program. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us, and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Questions from Private Donors

Questions from Nonprofit Organizations

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Answers for Private Donors

How can I get more information about donating my collectibles to charity?

Donation specialists are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00am-8:00pm MST to answer any questions you may have about our donation process. You can reach our office at (303) 530-0437, or simply submit our online contact form.

What is the process for donating my rare coins and collectibles?

Donating your collectibles is a straightforward process. One of our donation specialists will discuss your collection with you and get a general idea of the value of your items. Once you decide to donate your collectibles, our staff can often come to you to process your items and transport them to our main office. If a personal visit is not feasible, we also offer a fully insured mail-in service, and CDS will cover your shipping costs. After that, your items will be sold to our network of collectors, and the funds will be sent directly to your selected charity, less our processing fees.

What types of collectibles can I donate?

CDS regularly works with rare coins of all types, US paper currency, US stamps, fine wristwatches and pocket watches, sports cards, comics, fine artwork, and antique books and manuscripts, among others. However, other types of collectibles may have sufficient value to warrant donation as well. Contact one of our donation specialists to see if your collection is eligible for donation.

Can a donation specialist come to me to pick up my collection?

In many cases, yes. Our donation specialists constantly travel across the United States appraising and processing collectibles for donation.

Who receives the funds from my donation, and what organizations can I donate to?

You may select any nonprofit or charitable organization to receive the proceeds from the sale of your collectibles. We offer a sample list of charities if you need some inspiration, but you do not have to select one of those charities to receive your donation.

Can I split the proceeds from my collection between multiple charities?

You may split the proceeds from your donated items among as many charities as you would like.

Can I get a tax deduction for donating my collection?

Yes! All donations are tax-deductible, and we provide IRS acceptable documentation for every item sold on your behalf.

How are my donated items sold?

Donated items are sold to our global network of collectors for the highest price the collectibles market allows. Where advantageous, collectibles are also sold to other dealers who, because of market positioning, are able to pay the most for those items.

I'm looking to sell my collection, not donate. Can you help?

Yes we can. CDS is a division of American Rarities, a rare coin dealer with 25 years in business. Our staff knows the numismatic and collectibles market, and will make you the strongest offer the market allows for your rare coins, paper currency and other collectible items.

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Answers for Nonprofit Organizations

How can I get more information about organizing a collectible donation drive?

Donation specialists are available Monday through Sunday from 8:00am-8:00pm MST to answer any questions you may have about our donation process. You can reach our office at (303) 530-0437, or simply submit our online contact form.

How should my organization address questions about the fundraiser from our members?

Refer them directly to us! CDS donation specialists are available to directly assist your volunteers and organization members with any questions they may have. Consider us your personal representative to aid with every aspect of your collectibles fundraiser.

Is there any cost to organize a collectibles fundraiser?

There is zero out-of-pocket cost to organize a collectibles fundraiser through CDS. All our fees are covered from a small percentage of the proceeds from the sale of your items.

Do we need volunteers or staff to help organize our fundraising drive?

Yes, having volunteers on hand is essential to the success of your fundraiser. Your volunteers will be accepting collections for donation (and possibly picking up collections from donors as needed), getting contact information from your donors, and helping prepare your donated items for shipping to our main office. Once we receive your donated items, you can leave the rest to us.

What is the timeline for a collectibles fundraiser?

Your fundraiser may be scheduled for as short or long a duration as you feel will be necessary. This can depend on the size and location of your members/supporters, the expected size of your donations, etc. There is no set time limit to finish accepting donations and submit your items to CDS - once you have the donations in hand, simply send them in and we will sell them on your behalf and get the funds to your organization. In addition, you can accept items as they come in and submit them to CDS either individually or en masse. Either way, we will sell the items for you and send you the proceeds, less our standard percentage fee.

Is it necessary to ship donated items to CDS?

No. Donations will be shipped to one of our nationwide offices, or delivered directly to our closest office by either your staff/volunteers or a CDS donation specialist.

How does my organization receive the proceeds from our donations?

Once your donated items are received by CDS, our staff will sell them to fellow collectors across the country. The proceeds will be sent directly from CDS to your organization via business check, wire transfer, etc - simply let us know what will be most convenient for you. We provide full documentation for this process, including the items donated, the donor from whom they were received (unless anonymity is requested), and the amount for which the items sold.

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