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Donate Your Collectibles

Collectible Donation Service can help you turn your coin collection into a cash donation for charity! We specialize in rare coins of all types, including U.S. and foreign coins of all varieties and grades. We do work with a wide range of other collectibles as well, and can help you get the most for your items and ensure the charity of your choice receives the largest donation possible.

We Accept Rare Coin Donations of All Types

We regularly accept rare coin and paper currency collections of all types for donation. Our staff of expert numismatic donation specialists can help you realize the greatest return on your coins, meaning your charity will receive the largest cash donation possible from your donated material. We are experts in all aspects of numismatics, and regularly work with such items as:

Even if your coins are not represented on this list, we can still be of service to you. Our staff has experience with every type of rare coin you may own. No one can get a better value for even your most esoteric of numismatic material.

Donating Other Types of Collectibles

CDS specializes in rare coins and paper currency, but we regularly work with other collectible items as well. We accept a wide range of collectibles for donation. Some types of collectibles we can process for donation include:

  • Fine wristwatches and antique pocket watches
  • U.S. stamps
  • Sports cards and memorabilia
  • Comic books, especially platinum, golden and silver age
  • Antique maps
  • Antique dolls
  • Rare books and manuscripts
  • Fine art - paintings, sketches, sculptures, etc.
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Even if your collectibles are not represented on this list, we may still be of service to you. To find out whether or not your collection is eligible for donation, please contact us.

Why Use Collectible Donation Service

Entrust the sale of your rare coins and collectibles to Collectible Donation Service and ensure that your favorite charity gets the greatest possible benefit from the time, effort and expense that went into building your collection.

Collectible Donation Service is a division of American Rarities Rare Coin Company, which provides the numismatic experience needed to guarantee your collection sells for the highest price possible. American Rarities is a 25 year old national company that regularly buys and sells all types of coins and collectible items. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in the rare coin and collectibles markets.

Your donated collection will be sold to fellow collectors from across the country, and even around the world. This will ensure that your items go to individuals who will cherish them just as much as you have. More importantly, they will be sold to people who understand the real value of your collectible treasures, meaning they are willing to buy your collection for what it is truly worth.

Call us at (209) 3-DONATE (209-336-6283) to schedule an appointment today! You can also reach us online via our contact form.

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