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Rare Coin Donations

Collectible Donation Service specializes in the donation of rare coin collections of all types, such as:

  • US Rare Coins
  • US Gold Coins
  • US Silver Dollars
  • World Coins of all types
  • Certified Coins
  • US Mint Coins & Sets
  • US Paper Currency

Other Collectibles

Other collectibles with which we regularly work include, but are not limited to:

  • Fine wristwatches and pocket watches
  • Rare comic books (pre-1975)
  • Rare stamp collections
  • Sports trading cards
  • Rare books and manuscripts
  • Fine art

Contact a Collectible Donations advisor to discuss your rare coins or other collectibles, schedule a free appraisal and evaluation of your material, or begin the process of donating your collection.

Support Your Cause - Donate Your Collectibles Today

Collectible Donation Service enables nonprofit organizations to accept donations of rare coins and other collectible items from their members and supporters. Whether you are an individual looking to donate your collectibles to charity, or a nonprofit organization interested in adding collectible donations to your next fundraiser, CDS can be of service to you.

Our numismatic and collectible experience guarantees your charity or nonprofit will get the greatest return from the sale of your collection, which means more money for your organization, and a bigger tax deduction for you.

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Donate your collectibles to charity with CDS
CDS provides IRS-approved receipts and documentation for all donations

IRS-Approved, Tax-Deductible Donations

Collectible Donation Service provides IRS-approved tax receipts and full documentation for all donations we receive. Get a deduction on your taxes while supporting your favorite charity!

Find a Charity to Support

Deciding what charitable organization should receive your donation can be a challenge. If you need some inspiration, you can find a sample list of charitable organizations here, organized by category.

Help your community and those who are struggling with your donation of rare coins or other collectibles
Turn your rare coins into cash for charity

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to get a better understanding of the true value of your rare coins and other collectibles. We appreciate numismatic coins, and are collectors ourselves. We provide free, accurate fair market appraisals for all collections offered for donation.

Once your collection is sold, the proceeds will be donated directly to your charity or nonprofit organization. Contact us today for more information, or to start making a difference with your collectibles!

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